Accenture Coder-Dojo Program

Computer literacy is a prerequist in the future of any child more especially children in disadvantaged communities. The Accenture Coder-Dojo Program will ensure that at least some children in Alexandra will be able to attain the kind of skills that will ensure a better future. Alexandra Gunners FC and the players selected are blessed to be part of such an amazing program.

Article by LeadSA: Gunners invited to join the Accenture Coder-Dojo Program

Play 4 Education Project

Play 4 education is a projected started by Gunners Foundation to improve not only education of our soccer players but of the Alexandra community. In 2016 Gunners Foundation started turtoring lessons for Gunners FC soccer players and Blue Birds ladies team. This marriage of football and academics is what Rhulani Baloyi(LeadSA hero for November 2017) calls "Playing for Education."-(LeadSA).

Article by LeadSA: Gunners Play 4 Education Program

Gunners FC wins Senior ANLFA League 2018

Aleandra Gunners FC wins Senior ANLFA league 2018 with the youngest squard in the league. Alex Gunners archieved this with most of our players being under the age of 20 with exception to only 4 players which are under the age of 23. This is only the second time Gunners have achieved this illusive achievement in its lustrous existence.

For more information: Alexandra Gunners FC

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