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Gunners Foundation requires sponsors to achieve its goals. Running a soccer team is extremly expensive with money required for many things such as training equipment, soccer kit, affiliation, transport, food and playing equipment for players. Finding tutors and paying them a small amount as well as venue requires a substantial amount of finances and sponsorships. Gunners Foundation is strongly aware of the crucial role sponsors play.

Hence, we would like to thank all our sponsors and partners for assistance us.

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Gunners Foundation is consitantly looking for members to assist in running Gunners Foundation. We have alot of tasks that need to be fullfilled by only a hand full of members. Members joining the Gunners Foundation donot have to do what other tasks than what the are custom to. As an organisation we need all skills in order to flourish such as web design, marketing, accounting to name a few. Moreover, for those with a pasion of football coachs are always required.

Please note no remunaration will be provided by the foundation.

Inorder to become a sponsor and a member of Gunners Foundation, please contact:
Rhulani Baloyi: 084 498 2512
Email: rhulani@gunnerfnd.org

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