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Play 4 Education Tournament Flyer Alexandra Gunners Foundation initiated the "Play 4 Education" project, to support our vision of education through sport development. Hence, we embarked in a program called CoderDojo, this is a non-profit initiative with a mission to equip children with digital and coding skills through encouraging creativity and fun in relaxed learning environment, this project was implemented 2016 where we were privileged to have Accenture sponsor the program, this program will continue for 2018 and will still be held at the Accenture woodmead offices. On the other hand, we also have initiated our own extra lessons for learner currently in primary and high school. In 2018, we have embarked on starting our own computer lessons.

Unfortunetly, this project requires alot of money to pay tutors and rent a space to conduct the lessons and purchase computers and accessories required. Hence, why we have started a fundraising tournament called "Play 4 Education" 5 aside tournament.


Funds Raised

Funds recieved from the "Play 4 Education" tournament will be used to run extra classes, computer lessons as well as a assist in providing uniforms, shoes, text books and bags where necessary. Nothwithstanding a long list of items, computers, computer accessories and tutors will also need to be paid. The Funds recieved from all the teams participating in the "Play 4 Education" tournament will go a long way in assisting learners in Alexandra.

Alexandra Gunners Foundation donates school shoes
Alexandra Gunners Foundation donates school shoes
Alexandra Gunners Foundation donates school shoes


Play 4 Education Tournament Winners

2016 - Arsenals
2017 - Silver Lakes

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