U10 Coaching Clinics

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Alexandra Gunners Foundation has decided to embark on a journey of raising money to fund its projects by providing soccer coaching clinics. In these coaching clinics Alexandra Gunners FC coaches will impart their knowledge and skills in order to nature the young future stars with important soccer knowledge that will allow them to grow in to potential future stars. Moreover, Alexandra Gunners FC will aim to lay a foundation in promoting fitness and discipline in one’s life.

Alexandra Gunners Foundation aims to raise funds for its community project. The other fund raising project is called Alexandra Gunners Play for education. These projects aims to raise fund for Gunners Foundation community projets. These project will assist students in the alexandra community with extra lessons to assist them in subjects that they are struggling with. As well as provide disadvantaged students with computer lessons. Currently computer literacy is a requirement for a successful future!

u10 Coaching Clinic Training Plan

The project was launched in February 2018. Training currently commences on Wednesday 16h30 and Saturday at 9h00
u10 Training Plan
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Contact Details

Please contact Alexandra Gunners FC members for more information:

  • Freddy Kgapola: 0747382686
  • Sechaba Mothibeli: 072 886 4122


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